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                               LITTLE  STOKE

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 This website is a replacement for one that I had established originally with WebRing which folded in mid-March 2017, then I rebuilt with WebsiteBuilder  so finally now with Mochahost. This exercise has taken some time as the systems are quite different.  I am  now up to date.  Please excuse the quality of the some of the photos of the 1980's and 90's as I had to take digital copies of the photo prints that I have in an album of the layouts.

Still awaiting the operation to fix the left hip, so have been doing sorting out three parts of my main layout -Stoke-by-Mendip- re-aligning the entry into Stoke-by-Mendip station, the exit curve of Nayland station which then enters the return loops and the last part is laying 6mm cork under the trackwork 0f Blenheim Station. These 3 projects were finished today. My HST projects as have finally been completed.  Writing up a new page with what workings I did to make the TTS decoders work. 

Will now be readying 'Micro Stoke' layout for the upcoming Nelson Model Railway Exhibition by completing the design of the township housing and landscaping.

Will be looking at the garden railway after the second hip operation.

         (Weather has done some damage to the baseboards of the garden layout so having to rethink the right material for the surface. Looking at using a product called Hardie plank sheet which is used for exterior cladding on buildings.)

UPDATED  22 January '24


    I live in Nelson, New Zealand and I am now retired. I  am a modeller which,  as a boy had a clockwork train set and then sport and pipe bands took over, got married and have two sons  who are now both married with children of their own.

    Model railways rekindled in late 1982 and I have five layouts based on the GWR of  which two are under development and now one under future planning.

   My first layout, Stoke-by-Mendip,​ started in late 1982 when I decided to build a small 00 gauge layout on a baseboard of "Pinex" 8foot 5in by 4foot 6in, on which an oval of track with a diagonal cross over and siding to a two track Engine Shed. This was completed for my eldest son for Christmas and I had running rights as well. It was situated in the garage and had  a pulley system attached to raise it when not in use. This layout grew in the next few years and then my son's interest waned as sport and pipe bands took his spare time. He is now a civil engineer in water  and roading and now,  just getting back into constructing his own layout. It still needs scenic work done to flesh out the overall look so it conveys the 1930-1940's.

       The second layout began in 1990 as an attempt to build an exhibition layout of a fictitious nature and when it did not quite work out, looked at one based on an actual branch line.  Fairford Branch Line is in  "00" and started off as a fiddleyard to terminus, 16foot by 2foot in three boards and ended up 44foot by 2foot with eight boards. The layout is in storage awaiting refurbishment before re-entering the exhibition circuit.

        The third one - Little Stoke, is an N gauge of fictitious origins and measures  2m by 0.8m on two boards, built in 2012, so as to fit in the back of my vehicle for traveling to exhibitions. At the moment just refurbishing the layout and updating the computer script ready for our March 2022 Exhibition.  

    Then in November 2017 the fourth, Micro Stoke (which was to be the last, or so I thought), I  "downsized" to  T Gauge  - 1 to 450 scale in a 405mm by 300mm interior of a re-jigged proto type case I built for another one of my interests. Just need to complete the township layout and repaint the HSTs to GWR green.

     A fifth one,  reared its head as a result of  an impulse  purchase of a Dapol O Gauge GWR pannier tank 9659 from Rails of  Sheffield's 2018 Christmas Advent promotion. The price was right and as quite awhile ago, I had a box and a half of PECO O gauge track that was stored away in the railway shed for some future project. This will take form of a small branch line around part of the back garden starting late 2021, and the project will be known as the Stoke Garden Branch Line. The base boards are made up and  single track laid, now still to make up the six turnouts. The Goods Shed, station and platform are to be built later. 

I have in mind a tail chaser DC exhibition  layout  which I have outlined in the Special Projects section. This would bring the total to  six layouts.

       I belong to a group of modellers that cover American, British, Continental and NZ railways;-  International Railway Modellers of Nelson. It meets on the last Monday night each month except in December in a members house. Within this group there are a number of members who are well versed in electronics and other skills, and assist others  with their projects. I have had to call on their help to rectify some of my problems in electrical and DCC.

Hopefully by clicking on the name of the layout in the section below will bring up the content which will be under the following headings namely:-


  which show how things were done and the progress made.


I hope that layouts are of interest and maybe stimulate efforts to build similar projects. You are very welcome to contact me with comments and or questions. My email contact details are